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Duck Island’s inspiration comes from an island of the same name, long since disappeared, which in 1734, at the height of its international fame and sophistication, was described as “one of the most enchanting summer retreats imaginable… a paradise in miniature.”

Duck Island formed part of one of England’s oldest Royal Parks, located in the heart of London, one of the world’s most fashionable cities.

During the seventeenth century, London’s royalty and nobility developed a passion for prestigious and luxurious gifts from around the world.

In 1664, the King of England, Charles II, received a magnificent gift of pelicans from the Russian Ambassador, and chose Duck Island as their home. The pelicans being one of the most exclusive and fabulously expensive presents then imaginable.

It is because in their time pelicans were the ultimate, sophisticated and prestigious gift, that we were inspired to use the pelican as our motif. So all Duck Island products proudly and boldly display the pelican.

In the same way that Charles II was the recipient of the very luxurious, your guests can now appreciate the delights of Duck Island toiletries – a paradise in miniature, life’s little luxury.

King Charles II
Duck Island Collection
“Found in some of the best hotels in the world, Duck Island’s sophisticated toiletries enhance your hotel and provide your guests with a welcome and appreciated luxury.”

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"Duck Island's sophisticated toiletries provide a paradise in miniature, an enchanting retreat from everyday life, life's little luxury!"
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